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Claremont Writer
As a professional journalist that covered crime and courts for more than two decades in Southern California and then as a professional investigator, I have worked with and known many top-tier litigators in almost every specialty and field there is, including some marquee attorneys. So on those occasions when I have needed a sharp legal mind to consult with and to provide me with counsel as needed, I have a Rolodex with some of best legal minds in Southern California to choose from–and I choose Brian Brandt. I was familiar with his expertise early on–dating back nearly two decades ago–but also became impressed with his holistic approach to individual cases, his ability to address the overarching case issues in a strategically coherent fashion and quite frankly his sheer tenacity when it comes to successfully confronting some very big guns representing bottomless pockets at opposing counsel’s table. He has the right alchemy of bullet-proof case prep and reliable client communication that compliments his well-known successes in the courtroom. Despite those well-earned trial victory headlines, in the nearly 20 years I’ve known, consulted with and been represented by Brian Brandt, I can also attest that some of his most skilled performances has been in the fine art of pre-trial negotiation and positioning. I want the best representation if the case is going to trial, and I also want one of the best legal strategists in town especially if it’s not going to trial. Either way, bottom line: If you can’t afford to lose, better call Brian.

Amy Gehrke
Staff is incredibly friendly and helpful for any phone calls. Mr. Brandt is not only professional, but you can tell truly cares about the individuals he represents! Before, during and even long after our case, Mr. Brandt and his staff have gone above and beyond to give us support and way he can. We had minimal work to do for our case. We were kept well informed throughout the process. I will always refer everyone I come in contact with that has a potential case to Mr. Brandt!

Janis Hernandez
Mr. Brandt worked with my daughter during her case and was very helpful in answering her questions and helping her obtain a fair settlement for the injuries She had as a result of an uninsured driver. His staff were also proactive in handling the case. Would highly recommend.

Liz Galvan
Brian and his Staff were very diligent and helpful. Thank you for everything!!! I highly recommend Brian Brandt’s service.

Tracie Gray
I am very pleased with my experience with Brian and his entire staff. Everyone was very professional, and the outcome of my case was better than expected.

Maria Torres
It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Mr Brandt, there professionalism and understanding towards our case was essentially awesome. We can’t thank you enough.

Devin Lockett
Brian Brandt is a great lawyer! He negotiated a higher settlement for me after the insurance company tried to low-ball me with their initial offer. I highly recommend the law offices of Brian Brandt for your personal injury or accident case.

Jennifer Nolans
I originally came to The Law Offices of Brian Brandt because I was seeking an attorney I can trust. I searched and searched for an attorney I felt comfortable with and finally found Mr. Brandt. I was referred to him by another friend and after my first meeting with him at his office I was content to go forward with my case with him. I was determined the outcome was going to be great..

Amy Gehrke
I contacted Brian when I had concerns that my son Owen’s Cerebral Palsy may be a medical malpractice issue. Brian reviewed my case, requested medical records, and within about a week had a contract sent my way. I heard horror stories that cases like ours could take up to 7 years or more to resolve. However, Brian was professional, confident from day one, and very supportive during the short year and a half that it took to resolve our case! I give his name and number out regularly. Not only is he the best at what he does, but his staff is supportive and so friendly and professional all along the way!

Former Client
It was great talking to you..you really helped me a lot in solving my issues..Brian is the best for any kind of legal advice and suggestions…i recommend him to everyone..

Charles Foote
Brian Brandt represented me when I had an auto accident. I was very satisfied. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends who may need a personal injury attorney.

Daniel Brown
Treated me fairly and had my best interests in mind.

Isha Romi
The insurance company was trying to blame me for causing my car accident so I hired Brian. He fought for me all the way and won my case!

Former Client
I had a very good experience with the Law Offices of Brian Brandt. My claim was resolved quickly and I was very pleased with my settlement.

Mark Smiths
Brian Brandt in Upland, Ca is a humble and dedicated personal injury attorney. He deals with a variety of cases, but always provides the same compassionate personality to his clients. It is easy to tell that Brian Brandt will fight for your rights and will not give up until fair compensation is attained no matter how difficult your case may be.

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