About Our Firm
About Our Firm

About Our Firm

We care about our clients. We fight hard for results

Established in 1987, The Law Offices of Brian Brandt has a well-earned reputation throughout Southern California for delivering exceptional service and securing sizable settlements and verdicts for injury victims.

How do we achieve such successful case results? First, we listen to our clients. We learn what happened to them and how their lives were affected. We learn all the details of the case. Then we work relentlessly to get them the compensation they deserve.

We work this way because we believe people who suffer injuries deserve to be compensated fairly. Other people have noticed how we work. We consistently receive positive testimonials & reviews from clients and coverage of our work in national media such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Fox News.

We will work the same way in your case.

We understand you have a lot of decisions to make after your accident. One of the most important decisions is choosing an attorney. We hope to have the opportunity to represent you and guide you every step of the way through this painful time.

What makes us stand apart?
Over the course of three decades in the practice of personal injury law, Brian Brandt has built a reputation for helping people in the community get fair compensation for their injuries.

Brian and the other members of our legal team selectively accept cases. That way, we can give more personal attention to each case we handle. We’ve found this approach gets better results for our clients.

Your interests will always come first here. Our clients are treated with respect and become partners in their own cases. Our team is always on your side, from start to finish.

How can you help me with my case?
Our goal is to help you get the most compensation possible in your personal injury matter, whether your case involves minor injuries and property damage or catastrophic injuries with life-altering consequences. We have a long record of helping clients reach successful outcomes in their cases. We can help you, too.

You have rights. We will fight for them. Having an experienced law firm on your side looking out for your best interests can make a big difference. Contact us to learn more about how we can help. Call 949.481.1468 or 909.932.1162 and schedule a free initial consultation.

Braving the Accident Jungle
Your Guide to Avoiding Predatory Insurance Companies

We have put together a free book to help guide you on your personal injury settlement and give you the tools you need to be successful. If you prefer, we can mail a copy of the book to you, free of charge.

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